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Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are out of time

A year has passed and nothing has changed. People still annoy me, people that walk and read especially. I don't understand why a person finds the need to walk and read at the same time. What's so important that you cannot keep your eyes on the road? What's worse is when they run into you, because they think that since they are pursuing something intellectually stimulating you are required to make way for them. I say to hell with that, I ain't changing my path. Crash and burn.

Ever wonder why radio ads are so cheesy? Personally I prefer the old time jingles, yes you can say that they have jingles too nowadays but you don't find anything that sticks to your head because it was good, more often than not its there because its annoying. What's with the 'informal' conversations too like you get two people talking over excitedly about a product and how they can't live without it? One that bugged me recently was this Starbucks one where they were advertising their 'handcrafted' beverages. Now that's over the line, I say. As a craftsman, you do have to make something exceptionally good out of your hands before you can say you are 'handcrafting' something. If you're just making coffee, you're just doing your job. Otherwise you would see me handcrafting something everyday in the toilet. The thing is, thats the kinda stuff I pull the flush and get on with life.