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Friday, June 01, 2007

Good stuff quick

I want good food and I want it quick. So I whipped this up for dinner yesterday. Extremely satisfying, light, and easy to eat with a spoon (like if you were in front of the TV), makes this the ultimate TV dinner.

Small shells with french ham in a light cream sauce

-Small shells or spirals (but not macaroni, I'm allergic) 250g
-Ham of choice, sliced or cubed, (pork please) 5mm thick, 2 slices
- Diced onions (2)
- Low fat UHT whipping cream (500ml)
- Mascarpone (50g)
- Butter or olive oil

I like this simply because you can keep all this ingredients in the fridge, and you can make this anytime. Start off by pan frying the ham a little to bring out some flavor, then slice or dice them as you like. Remove the fat and skin.

Place the diced onions in the blender. Once its done, start boiling the pasta, you will have about 13 minutes till it cooks. Put the onion mash into a little pot/pan over high heat and toss frequently, then add a little butter or olive oil.

Add the whipping cream into the mix and let it boil at medium heat. Once bubbly, add the mascarpone. Most people will ask me, isn't that what they use for tiramisu? Yes it is, and its the best thing for a light pasta. You don't want to feel sick halfway eating your dinner (that happens if you use mozzarella or parmesan or anything else, gorgonzola has a milky taste I don't like). Once the cream melts the sauce is good to go.

By then the pasta is done, drain, top with sauce, and meat, add some spices of your choice, I like cayenne, and you have a simple, delicious meal.

Serves 4~6