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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sounds good


There goes the power switch as soon as I turned on my notebook 2 nights ago. My 1" thin Acer manufactured in October 2000, fans whirring, Windows booting PC went about its start up routine as I sat there with the broken power switch. Its made of plastic, tiny little I sat there and wondered, hmm...if I ever shut down this computer I may never turn it back on again.

But of course...'never' is such a harsh word, and we should never say never. I unplugged the computer about 3am coz it was interrupting my sleep, and put it in mind to figure it out the next day.

The next day, armed with a box of 'Precision screwdrivers', as the label said, nothing more than cheap Chinese exports that made me wonder if I'd need to go through 2 boxes of these to open up my notebook. You see my notebook is held together by about 50 screws, and if you aren't counting while you're trying to undo the screws, will feel like 350 at least. In the end I managed to disassemble everything except 2 screws, but I got to the switch on the main board so the whole thing still works, sort of. I intend to probably embed it into a table or something since its all separated, which was something I had wanted to do sometime see, no losses.

But it makes me wonder how long my other notebook is going to last. I hope that I won't have to resort to the same one day. I like my Powerbook. I use it still to do my editing and if I have time Garageband is still great fun. I remixed James Blunt's sappy 'You're beautiful' the other day and gave it a little twist, right click on the link above, and save target to have a listen. Good things don't last forever, but no harm crossing your fingers and hope that they do.