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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Quick update

Now that the house is almost done I breathe a sigh of relief. Well, a slight sigh of relief. At least its livable. I've been camping here for the last few weeks I've forgotten about the joys of hot water. In the beginning stages we didn't even have a working toilet, I had to sleep on the floor with *gasp* unfiltered water running at the taps. Then it progressed to a proper mattress, a makeshift bed, and the dust. omg. The dust has ruined everything good and clean about everything organic.

Which doesn't really matter since we didn't even have mirrors in here anyway. There is one now, but the rest are still waiting for my lazy butt to take measurements and get it to the shop.

I've gotten almost sick of hearing excuses as well. The whole thing about people not keeping to their time, or being professional can not be better expressed than if you were to deal with separate groups of people doing various things. So far I've identified a few professional workers but the ratio is certainly too low to even mention.

Thats the kind of stress I've been putting on few months back. Perhaps it's been longer than that but I wasn't as directly involved hands-on in the beginning, not quite like now.

But honestly speaking at this point when you see it develop to what you'd imagined it to be, its ultimately fulfilling. I actually don't mind all the missed dates, all the months of disappearing out of the scene, if I have something to show for it, and this is it. Its an organic piece of work. Every tile, timber and brick, chosen by hand and meticulous calculation. Every color scheme, material specification and drawing coordinated and analysed.

I'm just so tired.

But feeling good about it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Just one slick move

The heightened heartbeat occured for a few seconds. Much less than it was previously when the adrenaline hit and the heart races to what feels like 180 beats per minute. But this time, as soon as I stopped my car, so did the adrenaline rush. He came over with a smile. I immediately knew that this was going to be an easy one.

But it shouldn't have been the case. Yet, understanding the system and going with the flow seems to be the most natural thing I can do. It has become instinct for me.

'Did you know that was a red light you just ran?'

'Oh? I didn't notice that. I assumed that I could turn since the other side was turning as well, therefore I thought that it would be safe to negotiate this turn'

'License and registration please'

(Real time events have been omitted for legal reasons)

And then I was on my way again.

Just one slick move to maintain a record free profile.

Yeah, I sound like a regular crook. That's why I'm growing a beard.