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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Odds & ends

Its usually the final stages of something grand that will test one's patience to see if you'd crack under pressure. The next few weeks will test mine. Dealing with people in general is a fairly simple process, yet its complicated in its execution. There are intricacies that you have to notice and make sure that they can work around various issues that come up every now and then, but it is towards the end that my patience will wear thin. When it does things can go either way; I crack under pressure and fail in my task, or it is then that clarity rears its head. To me, clarity came when I realized I'm not exactly the PR guy that I was being for months on end, I needed to make sure things get done, and on time. When time is of the essence then it becomes a 'whatever it takes' situation.

Indeed, whatever it takes the building would have to be fully operational by then. I am indeed getting impatient.

Just the other day I realized that socializing has been so far down my list it virtually got wiped out altogether. Is it good? No. Can it be helped? No, either. When faced with such negativity of consequence is it wise to jump ship and change it just like how one would decide to alter fate? Never, as I realized. By forcing oneself to be immersed in a different pool just because society tells you that the one you are in does not necessarily serve your best interest only shows that a)you do not posess a spine and b)you will fail miserably in the new environment.

This is by no means to say that one shouldn't explore, but when weighing risk against calculated risk, I will place my bets in the science of mathematics. And in the end if one so wishes to label me a blind, reserved, unadventurous dictator, I will accept that, but at least I'm doing a fine job while I'm at it.