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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Zen of LRT

To discover one's own self, balance must be sought. To discover balance, you must first seek your fears, and live, and relive them until they disappear.

That is the wisdom of self discovery.

Every force has a counter-force. Every direction has an equal and opposite direction. This force of the other side must be realized before one's true strength can be developed.

Always be aware of your surroundings. The wise will be observant and yet discreet. Commit to memory the faces you see, the colors and the scents, for you never know when trouble will strike. This is the art of awareness.

Once you have mastered the above techniques, your skills will quickly develop, your senses will greatly be enhanced, and you will be vastly knowledgeable about life and death, right and wrong, darkness and light, standing and falling.

Only then can you laugh at the other passengers trying to remain at peace with themselves as they find themselves fluttering all over the cabin like peas in a can, while you stand motionless, feet rooted firmly to the ground you stand without the support of the handle straps that hang above infected with the bacteria of a hundred men.

And only then, will you have achieved the Zen of the LRT.