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Monday, February 21, 2005

a quick lesson in fate

Imagine being immersed in a state of hyper realism and yet everything seems to be at a standstill. I always thought that fate was something that was evidently in your control, since it is ultimately influenced by your choices, therefore each person controls his own so called 'fate'. Fate is not a coincidence as much as being in a higher state of awareness of the consequences of your actions by means of observation, empathy and emotional quotient.

Supposing you heard that a certain somebody is going to be someplace at a certain time and you make the effort to stage an appearance of your own, that would not be fate would it? It could be to the other person. In that instance, fate itself can be deceiving.

But what about the real kind of fate? The accidental coincidence, where the presented options are derived from the tiniest, most insignificant things you said and did, or didn't do. When you take a step back and take a hard look and marvel at the way events happened for a reason, would that be considered fate? Or are we drawn to the illusion of magic that perceptions are skewed and judgements are not trustworthy. But we like knowing the fact that these coincidences can happen. Its like winning the lottery, a rush of adrenaline.

Just that if you win the lottery you can buy more stuff with it.