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Friday, February 18, 2005

messed up, enjoying it

The spicy aromas of leather and vanilla started to swirl the room as he lit his Siglo IV. With every draw the pleasure to burn increased tenfold as he watched the swirling smoke dance with the wind. It was calming, and the mind was at ease, at least for that brief moment.

Funny how things works out. You get what you want, but you may not want what you get. Life is an endless pursuit of happiness, an expedition to locate the meaning of life when life seems meaningless. It all seems meaningless now. Not necessarily the end, but the inability to trace the beginning, thus losing grip on the entire situation.

Ah, the champagne golden amber color reflecting through the light. If you look closely you can see that its swirling within its liquid state. Little strands, little swirls. It was as if the entire concoction was alive. Trapped amongst the cubes of ice, but flowing endlessly like there was no tomorrow. Ice cool, yet burning hot, like ravernous flames that destroys everything in its path, disguised as an object of desire. The nectar of the Gods.

Quit while I'm ahead..? But why should I?