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Friday, January 28, 2005

Toyota Think campaign

Based on my observations I'd figure that there was a subconscious-level marketing compaign going on for these few Toyota cars.

Toyota Unser - Thinks that they're driving a Pajero (or a 4x4 equivalent)
Unser drivers have absolutely no regard for traffic safety, speeding, cutting into lanes, and acting all tough, blissfully unaware that they are merely in a box with a suitably powered engine. Perhaps that was why they created the Avanza with the lower CC engine, but no promises that they would too end up like Unser drivers.

Toyota Camry - Thinks that they're driving a Benz
While most Camry drivers are decent enough, I noticed that there are many who zip in and out of lanes, possibly due to its excellent traction control system. Also they lack the courtesy to use their signal lights, which somehow applies to most luxury cars, which elicit the natural response 'drive so big car - but signal light also spoil ah'.

The other 3 models rarely bring up much emphasis, so I presume that they had been exempted from the Think campaign. The 3 are...

Toyota RAV4 - Hardly see much on the road, but they pose no issues. Most of them are female drivers who keep to their speed limits and their lanes, which is always a good thing.

Toyota Altis - The de-facto executive car. Reminds me of the Corolla of the 80s, everyone had one, and they just used it to commute, also pretty low profile most of the times.

Toyota Vios - Vios drivers are divided into 2. Aunties who drive it very very slowly and carefully, and young executive types who love their car. So they have to wash it as often as they can, but who can blame them as it looks more like a car than the City. People who buy it, more often than not, have done tons of research on the car prior to purchase. While Vios drivers are suitably decent, compared to City drivers who seem to speed most of the time, I assume that its the steering mounted gear shifter that makes them believe that they have a 4 litre V8 under the hood, some vios drivers like to push their engines and negotiate handbrake turns into corners. And that would probably be me.