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Friday, January 07, 2005

¿usted habla inglés?

My day started a little differently today. It started like this:

Skarina says: mmm español?
elby// says: inglés
Skarina says: em
Skarina says: yo no se ingles
elby// says: pienso que usted tiene la persona incorrecta.
Skarina says: tú sabes español?
Skarina says: a jajajajajajaja
Skarina says: de donde sacaste eso?
Skarina says: del treductor?
elby// says: estoy utilizando un traductor
Skarina says: jajajajaj haci veo
Skarina says: de donde eres?
elby// says: ¿usted habla inglés?
Skarina says: no
Skarina says: ¿usted habla español?
Skarina says: jaja que cómico
elby// says: No. apesadumbrado
Skarina says: que?
Skarina says: no entiendo
elby// says: pero estamos hablando

The internet is a strange thing. It transverses geographic locations and as I discovered today, language barriers as well. Sure I don't speak Spanish, but with the help of a translator I could actually have a conversation, somewhat, in a foreign language. Its all very strange, interesting and bothersome at the same time.

My coughing is not getting any better and I've taken a myraid of medications to ease the pain somewhat, from snake gall bladders, to difflam, to herbal sweets to cough syrups. I've drank more tea over the week than I have ever remembered. But yet, there is no sign of it disappearing. Definitely not one of my better moments.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Life's little annoyances

I'm dealing with a slight flu. Everytime you get one of those sore throat/running nose combinations you start thinking how nice it is to be well and healthy. I don't know what triggered this exactly, but I put my money on polluted sea water. Its not going to get any better, I predict - and I'm talking about the pollution, not me.

Today I was on the way back to the office in Shah Alam, the land where life itself is different. You see, in Shah Alam people like crossing roads looking straight ahead, and while crossing, they stroll. So of course you have to brake for them, and they just walk on without a care in the world. Whatever happened to look left/look right? Apparently the theory of understanding environmental variables don't apply there. It is also the land where people swerve from the right lane to the left lane almost immediately because they want to turn into the left junction, often holding back traffic in the process.

So as I was driving I passed by this signboard that read Kompleks Muhibbah, and on top of that were these awful clip arts of silhouettes of people with their hands up. You know those they will almost always use in government brochures for Rakan Muda or national day celebrations? Yeah those. Then it got me is it that people associate happiness with putting up your hands? I don't even remember the last time I voluntarily did that because I was happy or overjoyed, its usually coz I have to loosen the shoulder muscles before my workout. But I am not one who is very animated anyway, so I suppose I just went 'hmm...'. I can only imagine ancient tribal people doing that while dancing around a campfire. If you did that now they'd probably accuse you of 3 counts on open burning, forming an illegal gathering without a permit and unauthorized public dancing/mischief/witchcraft. A lot of things get people edgy nowadays, its hard to tell.

Monday, January 03, 2005

crossing into 2005

Its tough starting the new year with a major catastrophe. Christmas and new year is not what it was years ago, a lot of happiness, a lot of drinking and merriment. I couldn't bring myself to celebrate anything for that matter, and everywhere I turned everything just seemed so muted down, so desaturated.

New year spirits are what little indicators of how the rest of the year would, or should turn out. Thats why they call them new year celebrations. Its like getting recharged and refreshed to start the new year ahead. Only this time there was none of that sort of thing, so you just go about your life *knowing* that its a new year, but for me, at least, doesn't feel like a new year at all. It just seemed like yesterday that I stepped off my car into my job. Everything became routine, and for the next year, nothing is going to change that fact.

A few of you would have the feeling that the world is turning into a ball of chaos, and every other week when you read the papers it just seems so true. So imminent. But life goes on, and nothing is predictable. The economies will still continue to turn and grow, because there is no point stopping. We have come this far to give up on life and the human spirit. This will not be a year of much happiness or prosperity, this might turn out to be a year of survival.