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Thursday, January 23, 2003

The connectivity factor

The other day I brought my PowerBook to the office so that I could attempt to log on to the network and download a 60MB OS update. I didn't want to do it at home coz...well, it IS 60MB and that would take forever through a dial-up connection. So anyway a bit of tinkering later, actually, all I needed to do was enter the router's IP address, and I was connected! I didn't need to restart or muck around with the settings and restart and restart again to see if it works. I was pretty impressed.

Yesterday I brought it to the office to listen to songs...I have over a day's worth of MP3s that I burned from my CD collection, it was crazy, I was basically digging up any CD that I have ever bought and then loaded it up on the computer. I'm still not done yet but when I look at it I don't seem to have bought many CDs, perhaps some of them went missing over time. But today I brought the computer to the office coz I remembered once, when I had nothing to do in the office, and at that point I just discovered the magical wonders of peer-to-peer file sharing with this program called Kazaa! that I could find anything on anyone's computer! So there was this downloading frenzy...mp3s, videos and etc. I have over 1GB of videos that I thought would be cool to have on my mac, since it has so much space on it anyway.

So that's just what I did, connect the network cable, enabled file sharing on my computer, then connected them both thru FTP, now I'm happily transferring stuff to and from the office network. You probably think that I'm nuts to be enthusiastic about cross-platform interoperability, but you're looking at a guy who's fascinated by my mac's pulsating while light when my mac is in sleep mode. huge! A quick check reveals that I have 5 minutes left to transfer every single file I ever downloaded on Windows, and transport it to the Mac. In which case I will be totally dependent on my Mac from here onwards.

Anyway, gotta get back to work, just wanted to share my enthusiasm:)

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Apple : SwitchED

So now I'm sitting in front of my new PowerBook G4 867mhz, 512mb, 40g notebook after a little getting used to and installation of some essential software. I'm looking at the widescreen display that has yet to run a really good DVD. ..perhaps later in the day. This notebook is absolutely gorgeous! From the unusually large screen to the feel of the titanium case, to the translucent black keyboard and the glowing lights when it's in sleep more, the slot-loading DVD drive, the simplicity of the design, the battery that doesn't seem to drain easily, the UNIX OS that lies beneath the pretty OS X, it's simply!

I'm gonna go get some more software later, maybe even some games...I heard this thing does 3D pretty well;)

Can't find any other reasons to switch? Perhaps it is essentially pointless to convince PC users to switch based on documentation and recommendation, but you really have to do it first and then if you'll notice these little enhancements that you really can get used to. It's like moving from Stone Age to Tech Age in one giant leap. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some widescreen movies to watch.