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Friday, September 27, 2002

Eating noodles with a spoon

Time. Past 9. Right. Glued. Heavy. Sleep. More. Wrong. Wake. Walk. Wash. Sleep? No! Wash. Brush. Blink. Wipe. Change. Watch? Stupid. Absent. Misplaced? Office. Probably. Descent. Breakfast. Hunger? Nope. Walk. Lock. Drive. Drive. Swear. Drive. Park. Rush. Late? Definitely. Walk. Swipe. Open. Unlock. Papers. Lights. Work. Notebook. On. Tea. Hot. Good. Ready. Work. Sleep. Laugh. Stupid. Work. Work. Newspaper. Read. Lunch. Hungry? No. Perhaps. Eat. Drink. Be merry. Work. Type. Movie. DVD. Yes? No. Time. 3pm. Friday! Sleep. Music. Nice. 50s. Relax. Wait. Sleep. Later. Bye.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

so, what next?

Indeed the idea of perfection seems to be a reachable goal. The knowledge that everything will indeed work like clockwork. The obsession with spotless, speckless perfection. So what if that works out anyway. So what if everything in your life is going the way you want it to go. What are you going to do then? What is left to do? Would your life then be moved in a slow reverse gear of complacency? Then do we solely rely on the system that we have created as a means of self preservation? Or is life's sole purpose to constantly advance and move forward, never to be contented with what we have. Is that a human condition, or is it merely our greed, a kind of insane hunger that drives us to be better. As technology shrinks our devices, lust increases our problems. Advertising creates lust. We buy things we don't need. We visit places we never knew existed, we slowly acknowledge and accept that our lives can be improved if we buy Product X. Product X is buying us instead. We readily eat up all the junk they feed us. What's good, what's bad, whats in, whats out. Opinions doesn't matter. Everybody has an opinion, but then our thoughts are already manufactured subconsciously. What good is a subconsciously manufactured opinion? So you gain acceptance because everyone agrees, does that make it right. Does that mean you are special and you stand independant? Who are you anyway? If you can't answer that, stop talking.

Who am I?
At the moment I dont know.