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Monday, July 22, 2002

Faith & Luck

Good luck, bad luck. What is luck anyway? To me its just the coincidence of being at the right place at the right time. Perhaps luck is for people who don't really want to be bothered by the technicalities of logic. Or perhaps luck is for people who want to retain some magic in their lives...? I am beginning to believe that everything in life is equal, although life isn't fair. It would seem as though I've been experiencing what you might call bad luck of late. Its just that everything seems to be going wrong.

The strangest thing is that the first couple of times yes, generally you think, 'oh man...why is this happening to me?' but then you start to seek some form of justification as a strange kind of comfort. You start to analyze things, and then you find that there is a reason why certain things happen. I'd say that it hasn't stopped, the bad luck that is, but I'm beginning to accept it as part of life and its of no surprise to me if the next thing I'm banking on fails, or I screw up in some way or other. I believe that some good must come out of it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, doesn't it? Yes, I'll end up a strong dead man eventually.

Then there's this question of faith. What of religion then, as it doesn't conform to the laws of logic and science. Its a belief, and what you have then is faith. With faith comes reason, I suppose, and that's the strongest justification that anyone can get as answers to their questions. I used to think I have a lot of questions on life, and I like to question life itself. But when you step back and look at life from a third person perspective you tend not to live life at all, you just become an observer of life. Its much like watching TV except there aren't any shampoo commercials.

I guess I've learnt to stop asking questions and started accepting things as they are. But how healthy is this passiveness, I don't know...come to think of it, I really don't know anything.