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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Tragic end

My mind intoxicated, as cars whizzed by in a blur, I felt like I was floating.
That is wrong, you should stop,
No, I will not. I have to go on. I have to get back.
Think harder.
Red lights. Green lights.
How fast am I travelling?
Keep your eyes on the road. Concentrate.
I don't know how fast. I should slow down. Red.
The familiar crunching of metal, cushioned by the seats of the car.
Debris flying everywhere.
I looked left.
Seat belt locking as I see her bending forward due to the energy of impact,
what have I done?
Please don't die...
I might've killed my dearest friend...
Oh, what have I done...
Slow down. Too late.
Smoke settles, crowd forms.
Go away.
Please...go away.
Are you alright?
Go away.
What now?

*If you already knew from the text msg I sent you. Just ignore it. I don't want to talk to anyone about this. I don't want people calling me and asking me how I am. I don't need that. Leave it be. I'll settle it myself.