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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

The wha...?

I was at the bank today for a short time. I guess waiting for the lift is one of the more awkward moments in a small crowd, or rather, you could make it an even more awkward moment by pretending that its an awkward moment. I looked up just like anyone else, and the melodious sound of 'ding' indicating that it will be here shortly. Its actually quite amusing to see a look of relief on people's faces when they hear the 'ding', much like when my little Eve hears the sounds of the microwave and the can opener consecutively. But Eve is a Labrador retriever. And I am not.

Then this couple came out of the door on one of the floors, no, it wasn't a married couple, more like colleagues. Yes, I should have said colleagues in the first place. Anyway the lady was telling the man something, and I can almost swear that 80% of her conversation was abbreviations. It sounded like 'They don't understand that the EEC cannot be a GPF coz the PBD department won't KIV it...' or something to that extent. The man nodded in agreement. I wondered if abbreviations made her seem more intelligent amidst the small crowd. I wondered if it made her feel more powerful. Perhaps it made her remember her kindergarten days. I was slightly annoyed because she seemed a little too dramatic, you know, like she wanted the rest of us to hear her out.

Personally I was thinking about the RPM on my SAFC and whether the AFL was screwing up the ECU.

And yes I loved kindergarten.