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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

the elegant solution

For the longest time I would never walk into the Bose store at KLCC. Why? Sticker shock, perhaps. As with most products I usually go into research mode and start reading up on everything and absolutely every aspect of it. Habit keeps that going, I suppose. That in the end when I do walk into a store like that I know their products inside out, and thereafter the remainder of the time spent would either be used to test the salesperson's depth of knowledge, or to acquire something new that I didn't know, which is absolutely rare.

The thing is I like someone who knows what they're doing, who knows what they're selling. For me nothing builds confidence like a well trained salesperson; not too pushy and intelligent. So the other day after much mulling, I decided to waltz in there and see what happens. In my t-shirt, jeans and black beanie I looked like I was on a yakuza tea break, but it was designed to see if I would be entertained, monkeys not included. Surprisingly our fellow salesman was kind enough to show me around, test a few systems, and knew his product inside out. I liked that but of course, wouldn't be buying anything soon.

Today I went back there again, this time on the company account and was looking for a sound system for our meeting room, which has and is slowly becoming an entertainment portal of sorts. Let me tell you one of the joys of my life now is shopping on the company account, as long as it's logged and logical, I hardly have any issues once its approved by the shareholders. I love it!

After purchasing the system our friendly salesperson decides to push it on a trolley to my car. Very nice but no thanks. The box weighs about 20kilos(yes, research beforehand tells me that), and in reality doesn't really require a trolley. So I decide to carry it, and there is a shocked expression on his face like it was the first time anyone has carried anything out of his store. It was a mixture of, are you sure, and I don't think I've ever seen this before. It was weird, but I figured all the rich sissy dudes buying these things don't want to be bothered carrying their own stuff anyway. For me, I just hate that awkward silence out of the store when you're in the elevator and you're trying to make small talk to pass that excruciating few minutes. I hate small talk.

So tomorrow is a new day, I'm gonna set up the Bose, and its gonna be great. I tested it in the store and the acoustics just blew my mind. Did you know that Bose puts all of its profits back into research? Hence their motto, better sound through research. That makes sense, and it feels good to fund that kind of forward thinking.